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Recurring symptoms - Issues are in the tissues

Some thoughts on how to possibly change your position, your point of view on pain, chronic illness and recurring symptoms:

You want to go on a trip?

A journey within through the realms of your essence, the depth of your tissue to the core of your being. Let your breath be your guide and your subconscious be your deputy, inaugurated in the intelligence of your body. Let the mysteries of your being, the root of your symptoms come to the surface. While you downregulate your nervous system (amongst other feasible options this is possible by changing your breath pattern to 4:8, biohacking your vagus nerve, telling your parasympathetic nervous system you are save) you open up space, space of stillness. This is where the body starts to communicate.

By opening up this space issues, emotions, sensations, thoughts, old pain might come to the finish, ready to be seen, to be felt from a non-judgemental place. Brought from the subconscious to the conscious, no longer willing to pull strings from the dark. Get to know what your body is trying to tell you, what it was trying to tell you all the time. How it is in fact trying to save you from wounding. Remember, it has always been in this with you. Integrate body and mind, become teammembers. Listen to each other. Make your body a save place for your soul to reside in (as far as this is in your hands). Release stagnant energy from the depth of tissue to the infinite void to be transformed.

Healing by feeling.

and because sayings are such a banger: issues are in the tissues

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