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Virgo - an hommage to the ironic, sarcastic, angry, sexy, witchy, lustful, slutty, mothering priestess you are

Aktualisiert: 2. Jan.

Part 1:

phone ringing

Oh, Let me catch that

Its my astrologer speaking

Since I follow her, seeking

Advice on the gram, since i been

Virgo in my sun,

Makin me the sum,

Of the ones surrounding me, I am a sponge,

She tellin me bout boundaries

Bout developing strategies

,multiple million businessess

Capitalist Life mission, task

Sick sight vision, give it to me fast

Plus, she got a great taste, telling me my money ain’t no waste

How she gonna pay for her slave, to bring her some new cristals, Not my business, none of my business

And when the moon is full, she charge them in her light

Lunar Exploitation, no more separation

Non duality, spirituality over morality

Seeking abundance not normality

Manifestation f

ormality, not wishing but believing it

Not reflecting on my privilege, just receiving it

I worked hard for achieving this


My daddies pay pay check was a little help when achieving this

Yet its not my problem your perceiving this

from an anticapitalist oh so moralistic angle, why dont you just manifest as well

Oh dont you tell

me bout indifferences in chances

Just tell the universe to make advances in your finances

how she is gonna pay the medicine

That’s gonna make her slay the feminine

Ah it’s called embodying

Oh sorry, its called copying

goddess feminine

Well anyways, she told me bout my starsign, And may she getting rich for telling me,

For making me a better me,

A bad bitch me,

A wanna be, prostitute priestess and Angel whore version I better be, better be

Part 2:

That triggered you oooh

Let me give you a lapshow

Please pay me energy exchange, i dont need your money,

i want to have fun, desire your yang to evelvate my yin, keep forgetting, that i already am, everything

Changing forms around the pole, that’s how i am staying my flow

How I pray around the pole

Spreading legs wide me becoming whole

I redeem the hunger of your soul

You wanna eat my pussy, you can feel the pull

You dont like it bushy, you can get a handful

But sorry i dont like you stuttering, when your mouth is full

I am choosing to, Seducing you

Come, get down on your knees

I wanna observe you from from above when you please, to squeeze, the lust under my jeans

Part 3:

I am a Virgo

the kinda women for the long run

The I make fucking and a meeting with god one

High priestess energy

You want to stay in that energy

I am so high in my energy

Because my roots grow deep down

like yarrow

and on top i wear my crown

like an old pine - so bow, lower your knees to the earth, element earth so calm, flowing in abundance and trust

that’s what you you lack

Oh baby i don’t wish you luck

I flood your whole being with it - that’s what i must. Serving, my whole body, just miracles curving

In its roundest forms

abundance got in shape manifested

PS: On top I wear my horns

Oh, you think you got cursed

There is nothing less under my dress when you press against my chest

its pure love

dripping from my wet lips

I want to feel your thirst, close

Bodies burst, touch my throat

Let me be your cure - let you touch my hips

and drink from my nectar - I do take care of you and your spirituality come lets meet god n get some clarity,

my body is a symbol of fertility

My pussy, your portal

The power of my womb, immortal

Life unfolding, you call it paranormal

Come and pleasure me oral

To get a taste of my magic

When i come in your mouth, it’s Atlantic

A spiritual encounter but somatic

Part 4:

I am a student

and a teacher

Life itself being my preacher

studying the art of surrender

letting go of any agenda

I do surrender

To the wonder

Letting my mind wander

and so it jumps on trains of melodies

pulsating through my veins I feel energies

rhythmically moving me, sensually soothing me

into devotion for this life and thee

I put down the mind in front of me

Bow down in awe on my knees

to the masterpiece

you are

Worshipping takes over

when I do surrender

To the oh so undefined wide miracle of life

A noiseful exhale cutting through realities like sharp knife

When I sense into the meeting Point of my thighs

I come back to reality with every sigh

That’s freed from the depth of my corpus

in the middle of my chest,

in between my rips I rest,

Sensing stillness

Befriending sloweness,

while deepeening my breath

in the melodies of dancing fingertips, hungry grasping lips, towards each other pressing hips

Navigating me deeper into the poem we spin

while further out the lie of sin

with every lustful moan

Deeper into my trustful womb

full of trust I zoom


Tune in

heartspace bloomin

Pelvic energy spiralling

those energies intertwining

orgasm with divine timing

fire meeting air in my lungs and together

serving as another signpost to presence,

here now a reminder

sex is the essence

stored in the mark of my bone

while sin is just a lie, so young in time

I m

Tired of the crime

They try

To make out of me

being a preacher, no longer a seeker, I found god in myself

Church in my body

My lusts channel through

My heart? Satisfied

Church tax? I denied

orgasm gap? History of patriarchal pride

They say Unsatiable bitch

I call it in tune with her second chakra lustful witch

Part 5:

Scorpio in moon shell,

my whole being is a spell, my life is a ritual, when I talk its like art just lyrical. I don’t care about short term goals, don’t even try to adapt your roles

Impossible to define me, it’s the energy of goddess Kali

third eye open therefore I see

My progress? Not surprising

I wanna see all of us rising,

All of us being a living prayer in devotion, living a life in motion, in tune with our emotions.

That’s the shit i manifest - life is not a test, nor a quest,

so open up your chest, it’s compressed, you’re depressed,

I see your mind is stressed,

Cs so many emotions to digest.

Living in a society,

where your female energy gets repressed,

is what gives me anxiety.

Where raising your voice ends in arrest,

where a skirt short is called impropriety, where the enemy of some is variety, where samegenderlove is obscenity,where my naked tits are perversity.

Censorship, your law is a sinking ship,

your rules, not my kinda shit.

Stepping in my roles,

I stay in my energy.

Oh I am slaying my energy, come and lay in my energy.

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