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Did you know that biologically viewed you have already been in your grandmother? The egg that that formed you, was already in your mother when she was in your grandmother.


And grandmother

Great grandmother

And her mothers

And their mothers

Like the roots to my stem

Splitting up further and further into the sands of time

Through these roots I am nourished

Breathing you in

Through these roots I hear the words that got stuck in your throats

Shall find their echoe in my stem

Your tears water my soil on which i plant

I lean into the strength of your arms

The warmth of your hearts

More than 1000 in sum, always there to help me become

The fruit of its roots

Inside the stem I get to meet you

When time is detached from its linear order

leaning back into the arms of my roots

Your soft palms gently touching my cheeks

I feel your exhale on my skin

Inhaling the same air I am aware and while buffled by your deeds, I feel the shadows and the needs

Left behind, blood dripping from your unhealed wounds

From the unlived dreams and unfulfilled desires I decide to break through this pattern

Being truly myself - it’s save enough now

The stream of blood may flood me fully

No longer afraid of drowning In the depth of pain

Totally willing to open to the void and it’s hidden gain

And I detach myself, giving you back what’s never been mine

Handing it back through the grounds of time

Without pulling apart roots and stem

Forever I am breathing you in

how I nourish my garden, how i water my soil, which seeds I am planting

Shall be mine to be decided

Freely while In length of my lineage

as your wrinkled hands are reaching into presence, like branches

Gifting me your voices, which are anchored into the soil of centuries

The storms will come for this time to be transformed

For stumbling and shaking and new orders for our branches to dance with change

inside the stem of our tree I shall find sanctuary

in my ears, a rushing

A river of tears crying for the unspoken truth, crying for the unheard wisdom,

crying for the loves not allowed to be lived,

the forbidden desires,

around your magic they built a wall, out of stones of law,

made to beware your unfolding, the men that were holding

You small, Being afraid of your power,

That lies in the seed of your wombs,

which is striving

Gifting its fruits to the presence

Now grandmothers and great grandmothers shall be our time,

With all your hearts striving together in mine

I am breaking free from the patterns,

one fist striving towards the sky


Raised by the power of your arms

We are singing the songs of allour mothers, who were not given a voice

Our roots planting me into the soil of these times

We are dancing

I want your tears to transform into laughing

Your bitterness into softness

The rivers of blood not meandering into presence cause It’s source dried out

After we welcomed its waters

Listening to your soft whisper -

Your songs shall forever be my lullabye

Until I join you into the sands of time.

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