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My personal Manifesto (2020)

This is my personal manifest which found its way into my diary through my hand out of my heart quite spontaneous a few weeks ago.

She heals through you

We are a part of her. If we hurt her, we hurt us. If we hurt us, we hurt her.

If you hurt yourself, you hurt her. This might happen through unhealthy patterns like smoking. You fill your lungs with smoke eventhough you want to save her lungs. You eat cheap dairy products out of the mass industry therefore you support the exploitation of her beautiful animals for profit. You are hurting her through hurting you.

You desire beauty, more money, a special house. Your desires give capitalism a base to keep thriving on. Through desires you poison your brain, you poison her. By hurting you, you hurt her.

By toxic relationships you betray yourself, you pollute your energyfield, stealing your own room to grow. By polluting your own energyfield you pollute hers. By putting bad thoughts, bad speach in the world you create energy, you pollute her energy. Dont judge yourself for thinking these thoughts. Observe the selftalk and try to avoid thinking patterns which continue to talk you or others down. After observing these patterns try to manifest what you want to bring into the universe instead. Because remember: Your thoughts are/become your reality.

Heal yourself to heal her. Heal your lungs and support her forests, Become an activist for your health and hers.

Try to eat seasonal and regional fruit and veggies to heal your gut and get in contact with your intuition by that. Taking the fog away, so you get the signs. Offer a healthy body to the source of love. Let your body and her fields heal. Her skin heals when your skin heals if you consume good products from sustainabe agriculture.

Try to manifest instead of desiring. Name what you have, what you are grateful for, name the blessings you receive. Eventhough they arent part of your reality yet, name them. They are here. You dont need anything but love and acceptance. Thats enough. Through this state we can stop using our mother and help her heal.

Through coffee you bring your body in a rush sympathetic modus. Functioning but making it hard to feel, to be sensitive for your and her needs. Let your monkey mind calm. For that try to drink calming and balancing herbs, offered by the abundance of nature. Let your adrenals chill. Dont force your nervous system into rushing. You are only as awake as you can handle. Detox your liver so it can detox you.

Try showing a middle finger to the fucked up capitalistic system and take days off, do your three day week. Let there be time to exhale. You dont need to do anything to be worth your own love. If you desire less, you need less, you can work less. (So far so good, sadly it is an imperative of capitalism that some people have to work a 50hrs week to barely pay for their basic needs + do unpaid care work like motherhood, which might be a wonderful miracle besides damn hard work.)

Walk through nature. Let there be space for emotions, feelings, sensations to be seen, felt, embodied through you. By healing yourself you heal her.

She heals through you.

Surround yourself with people who feel like a warm jacket, who are honest even if it hurts. Who show themselves, who respect you and give you space. Trust yourself in this, dont force yourself into relationships. Trust your gut feeling. Does it feel good? - Do it. If not - you are not alone. Listen to yourself: How do you feel after spending time with someone? Drained? Empowered? Supported? Empty? Rushy? Calm?

Speak your truth. You are never alone. You are held. You are strong. You are love. You are loved. There are people who love you. I love you.

If you feel disconnected or lost or if there is a need for new perspectives, joy, maybe ease. Do psychedelics, write down your intention. Ground yourself through a rootchakra meditation, check your set and setting and then trust the substance fully. Write down your experience. Integrate those small or big experiences, findings, understandings, the clarity, the chaos.

Hold yourself in your own arms. Hold her in your arms and let her hold you. You will always be held by her.

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