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climate activism - visions of a new earth

allowing myself to #daydream with a crazy pinch of naive optimism 🌿✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🌿

🌈Can you imagine a world in which scientists interdisciplinary globally work together inventing new technologies to support the #environment, to stop the ice from melting, to stop the animal and plant species from becoming #extinct.

A world in which money is redistributed and the value which given to it will no longer hold power over the possibilities of saving this #planet.

A world in which the real criminals will no longer warm the chairs of the government and the big industries but of the prison cells (just for a transitionphase until we figure out how to get rid of prisons).

A world in which we have #climate-law so precise, that no one dares to approach it as a matter of interpretation.

A world in which we bow to the indigenous people of our lands who have been telling us about atrocities and their deathful consequences for ages.

A world in which we unite in love and #unity, in which we #listen, we accept and we heal instead of feeding fear, hate and separation.🌈

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