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Cranio-Sacral Therapy - my approach to entering temples

⫷ 'I still don't understand it all, and perhaps never will. What sets a temple aside from other buildings is a certain almost #magical awareness of the sacred space. When I am connected with a client's cranial bones, I feel that I am connected directly into their soul. This work enables me to become a 'tender of the temple'. The #temple is where we become aware of #God, of that which never dies and was never born. Cranial work is one way of taking the client into the temple and showing it to them.' ⫸

⫷ 'Now it feels more like a #spiritual practice to me than it does work. A session is like holding Satsang, never knowing which of us is the teacher.' ⫸

⫷ 'As soon as we move the cranial part of the session virtually everybody quiets down, sinks in, and becomes aware that what we are doing is #meditating, physically #connected meditating.' ⫸

quoted by @RichardStratman from 'The heart of listening - a visionary approach to craniosacral work' by @HughMilne

⋖ I first got this book when I had just started studying osteopathy and reading these lines definetly took part in paving my path as an osteopath. It's so funny to see my notes from back then - 'woooow'. I was so fascinated and whenever studying got a little secondary compared to growing up, getting lost and found and falling in love in the #Berlin hustlebustle these lines kept me curious and made me stick with it. ⋗

✺ So eventhough I had only little clue what exactly I am doing when I first started touching the heads of people I kept this in mind: Meeting the client as a sacred teacher, being in awe and devotion when being allowed to enter their temple

✺ Still remembering the first moment I felt the wave of the #cerebrospinal fluid rolling over a friend's head as if it was yesterday. It was a little like awakening in a lucid dream. Like 'oh don't get too excited, you might loose it then.' Nowadays I trust in finding what needs and wants to be found in the now.

Thanks to everyone who is trusting me with #headtouching and #templeentering

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